How a brewery saved Historic Cold Spring Village

A gem of Cape May County is going strong after 40 years. But if it was not for their brewery, Historic Cold Spring Village may not have survived the pandemic.

Video Transcript

ANNIE SALVATORE: For a lifetime, I've always been interested in history. Even more now with things changing all around us, it's important that people see what life was like.

- Yeah man.

- My husband and I, we wanted to start a living history museum because we loved all the ones we visited. And here we are, 40 years later.

- Good morning.

- In order for the village to survive long-term, we had to have another mechanism that would keep it alive. In typical husband fashion, Joe looked at me and he said we need to build a brewery.

- We've been to pretty much all the breweries around here. We end up back here. The good flavors of the beer are a little different than everywhere else.

- But it's only five years old. You know, it had its growing pains with learning how to do the right brews, the tastes that people like. But we couldn't have stayed open without the brewery, the brewery kept us alive. Breweries open year round. Even though the village is closed, it'll open officially on Father's Day weekend. The village is open, though, for walking tours by reservation.

- We've come to Cold Spring before, why wouldn't we? So quaint, and beautiful, and peaceful, serene. At the end, I think we're getting a little sample at the brewery, so that's even a better bonus.

- You feel like you're taken back in time.

- Yeah.

ANNIE SALVATORE: Our dream is that it continues to give people happiness, education, learn about historic preservation. I have probably a commitment to history into the village because we started it, so that's a lot of it is in our blood. It keeps me alive.