Brian Laundrie maybe spotted in Canada, TikTok user claims

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Brian Laundrie, the boyfriend of ill-fated traveler Gabby Petito, may have been spotted at a hotel in Toronto according to a woman who snapped a photo of either the 23-year-old “person of interest” or someone who bears a resemblance to the Florida man being sought by U.S. law enforcement.

The sighting occurred Monday, nearly a week after Laundrie went missing from his parents’ North Port, Fla., home. Social media user @cwlynnn reported her encounter on TikTok, according to TMZ.

In her video, @cwlynn claimed the man she saw was “getting flustered” at a hotel, which a staffer said wasn’t the one where the mystery man meant to be. That account has been private.

Laundrie was last seen by his family on Sept. 14, before he disappeared into a nearby sprawling Sarasota, Fla., nature preserve. Authorities continued searching for him there Friday.

He left home without his phone and wallet, which would theoretically complicate travel to Canada. The woman who believes she may have seen Laundrie north of the U.S. border said he was with another man. They were reportedly traveling by car.

On Thursday, authorities charged Laundry of using an unauthorized bank card in Wyoming. Witnesses at a restaurant in Jackson said Laundry became upset about something there, leading to a confrontation with eatery staffers there last month.

Petito’s body was discovered Sunday near Grand Teton National Park. That’s where someone using the victim’s phone was believed to have last texted Petito’s parents, who reported their daughter missing on Sept. 11.

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