Bride and groom given police escort after vintage Jaguar wedding car breaks down

Jenna Bassam and her new husband Craig were pleased when the police showed up to their wedding (Bedfordshire Police)

Police have come to the rescue of a bride who was left stranded after her car broke down on the way to her wedding.

Jenna Bassam, 27, feared she would not make it to the church on time after a vintage Jaguar she was being driven in stopped on the A421 in Bedfordshire on Saturday.

After a few moments of panic a police car arrived and officers waited with the Jaguar while Mrs Bassam’s mum drove her to the venue.

She managed to arrive at the church just 20 minutes late and then got married to new husband Craig, also 27, who had been “pacing around the church” after being told she had been delayed.

There was another surprise awaiting the couple when they left the church to find that a Bedfordshire Police vehicle with flashing blue lights had turned up to take them to their reception in Cranfield.

Jenna Bassam was only 20 minutes late to her wedding despite her car breaking down (Bedfordshire Police)

Mrs Bassam told the BBC: "We were on our way and then the car started chugging along the A421 and the chauffeur said 'you might have to get out on the side of the road'.


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"It was raining and freezing so I started to panic. My dad was with me and he just said 'it's all part of the adventure'."

The couple’s five children also got to ride in the police car, with Mrs Bassam describing the journey as “magical”.

Police were waiting outside the church to take the couple to their reception (Picture: Bedfordshire Police)

Mrs Bassam added: "We had blue lights to the reception and the officers stopped the whole village.”

Mr Bassam said the unplanned events of the day had made it “unforgettable” and it had “a bit of showbiz to it”.

Special Inspector at Bedfordshire Police Ash Harris tweeted pictures from outside the church, adding: “When your wedding car breaks down in the live lane of the A421 @BedsSpecials and @TheAA_UK may just come to the rescue.”

The vintage Jaguar ride was a surprise wedding gift from the couple’s family.

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