Bride is ‘extremely hurt’ when maid of honor misses bachelorette party over cancer diagnosis

A bride is furious with her maid of honor for not attending her bachelorette party.

The maid of honor asked Reddit’s “Wedding” forum to weigh in. She has recently battled cancer, and it nearly cost the maid of honor her life. She wasn’t feeling up for the bachelorette party, but the bride told her the event wasn’t “optional.” Now, the poster isn’t sure if the friendship can be repaired.

“A few days before my friend’s bachelorette party, I let her know I wouldn’t be able to make the event due to fatigue,” she wrote.

“Within the past year I’ve had a cancer diagnosis and nearly died from complications, had surgery (lost an organ) and had treatment. Currently in remission for the last 6 months and feeling good.”

The Reddit poster lost $700 by not going on the trip and already attended the friend’s engagement party and bridal shower, and she is set to fly to her wedding.

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“She told me this event is part of the wedding and it wasn’t optional to attend or not,” a Redditor commented. “She isn’t really talking to me, and says she is extremely hurt by me not putting her first. Am I in the wrong here?”

Redditors sided with the poster on this one.

“She’s not a very good friend,” a user replied.

“She’s incredibly selfish and not a good friend at all,” another said.

“I would end the friendship and not attend the wedding,” a person added.

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