Bride goes on TikTok to sell her wedding for $15,000

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A former New York City resident is selling her entire wedding for $15,000 on TikTok after the Covid-19 pandemic changed her original wedding plans.


##greenscreen are you an ##engaged ##NewYorker with a low budget, great taste and crippling anxiety over ##weddingplanning? Just buy my ##wedding instead!

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Mackenzie Newcomb, 28, told NBC News she had planned a trendy "secret garden theme" wedding with about 80 guests at modern Italian restaurant in a Brooklyn neighborhood for Sept. 18.

But she has no interest in attending the wedding because she already married her husband Ben last summer during an intimate ceremony in a harbor close to where Newcomb was raised in Massachusetts.

"We just really, really wanted to be married. We didn't want to wait a year just for this party," Newcomb said.

After the pandemic forced them to move out of New York City, the couple faced a series of tough events that compelled them reevaluate their priorities. Newcomb's grandparents barely survived Covid-19 and her husband's father died last summer after being in hospice for about a year.

"We had been one of those couples that had never really faced any adversity whatsoever. And then in 2020, everything kept tumbling down," Newcomb said. "But we found that we were more validated than ever in ourselves as a couple because we were able to not only overcome the adversity that had impacted us, but be stronger as a result of it."

That's when they decided to ditch their New York City wedding, which had already been postponed from its Sept. 19, 2020, date because of the pandemic, and tie the knot last summer closer to their new home.

"We're very much a married couple now. We now live in a house on a lake. We don't have our old life anymore and our new life is completely different as a married couple," Newcomb said. "I just didn't feel a need to have another wedding."

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After months of disregarding her father's idea to sell her New York City wedding, Newcomb finally took her father's advice on Tuesday when she posted a now-viral TikTok video offering her wedding to an engaged couple for just $15,000.

"That's a third of the price of an average wedding in New York," Newcomb, who estimates she spent close to $25,000 on the wedding, said.

Everything from the venue to the floral arrangements are included as well as an LGBTQ-friendly wedding photographer and an all-female DJ company that “agreed not to play any problematic men,” according to Newcomb.

"We feel really confident at this point that we'll be able to sell the wedding just because we've been able to actually be really picky about who we are interviewing for it, because there are people who meet all of our requirements that are very interesting," she said.

The restaurant owner of Milk & Roses, where the wedding is scheduled to take place, told NBC New York that he wouldn't usually allow this sort of thing, but he'll let it slide this time after all the buzz the viral video created.

Newcomb said she's gotten 10 serious inquiries that have been narrowed down to three, NBC New York reported.

"Ultimately, I just need one couple, right? I just need one couple who is the right fit to take it over," Newcomb said.