Bride-to-be slammed after asking her in-laws to ‘change’ their wedding date: ‘You don’t get a say in [this]’

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A bride-to-be is demanding her future brother-in-law change his wedding date.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share her story. She and her husband-to-be got engaged two months before her fiancé’s brother did. When she discovered her future brother-in-law’s wedding date was closer to hers than she thought, she asked him to push it back. 

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“My fiancé proposed back in August,” the woman explained. “Not even two months later, his younger brother decided to propose to his girlfriend. We had made the assumption that, because my future sister-in-law is still in school and my future brother-in-law had just graduated college, they would have their wedding later down the road. My fiancé and I put our deposit down for our wedding venue. We get a call from his brother the day after we booked our venue. His brother [told] my fiancé that he is planning to book a tropical destination wedding less than three months before our wedding date.”

She felt like her future brother-in-law’s wedding date was too close to hers.

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“My fiancé kindly told his brother to reconsider because it’s not even three months before our wedding and we already put down the deposit,” the Reddit poster said. “This is where my future brother-in-law said they don’t want to change their date because they’ve been dating longer than us. I gave [future brother-in-law] an ultimatum and said if they go through with setting their wedding less than three months before ours, then I will not be going. My fiancé said that’s pretty f****** up that I wouldn’t go to their wedding since I’m marrying into the family. Personally, with planning my own wedding I feel that I am not financially stable to go to a destination wedding less than three months before my own.” 

People didn’t think the Reddit poster had any right to be upset. 

“You don’t get a say in [this],” one person commented

“I don’t understand the big deal here? You get one day, not months on either side,” someone wrote

“Weddings aren’t a competition,” a user said.

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