Bride's facial expression during wedding ceremony has TikTok concerned

User @megan_livingstonn poked fun at herself in a video because her face was scrunched up and teary on the happiest day of her life. "Crying to show how in love I was and how happy I was to be married," she wrote in her caption. She also said she "understood the assignment," using a TikTok trend to demonstrate that she masterfully handled something. Commenters weren't so sure about that. Some said her tears "ruined the photos". "Doesn't look like tears of joy," one user said. "Looks like a terrible arranged marriage," another wrote. Other commenters found her open display of emotion to be heartwarming. "I love that you are full on Kim K. crying. Not like little tears but you let it goooo. IT'S SO GOOD. These are the best photos/vids ever. 10/10," one wrote. Over the past few months, @megan_livingstonn and her husband celebrated a year of marriage. She has posted about the crying wedding photos dozens of times

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