Bridesmaid accused of trying to 'upstage' bride with dress alterations

A bridesmaid on TikTok is facing unexpected backlash after sharing how she altered her bridesmaid dress for her friend's wedding. Brittney Rae (@brittneyraetoday) captioned the video, "Watch me try to make my bridesmaid dress less ugly before the wedding this weekend". "I paid $300 for this frumpy robe," she said of the floor-length wrap dress, which was dark green with long sleeves. In the clip, Rae showed her final designs for the dress before getting to work. The alterations included shortening the sleeves, adjusting the dress's length and a redesign of the bodice. Commenters seemed to lose their minds over Rae's decision and jumped to the conclusion that she was trying to upstage the bride. In reality, the bride herself commented on both of Rae's videos insisting that she loved the alterations and that she only picked the color, not the gown itself. "Hi, bride here," she commented. "They picked their own dresses in green. I LOVE what she did to her dress"

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