Bridesmaid drops out of wedding party after discovering bride’s ‘insane’ secret decision

Bridesmaid drops out of wedding party after discovering bride’s ‘insane’ secret decision: ‘Is she jealous?’. the bridesmaid asked Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum to weigh in on her decision. Her childhood friend Mary asked the Reddit poster to be a bridesmaid. The problem arose when Mary set the Reddit poster up on a blind date with one of the groomsmen, knowing full well she was committed to boyfriend. "My boyfriend Jack and I have been together [for] three and a half years. Mary is under the impression that Jack is 'too good for me' . So one day, Mary and her fiancé invited the Reddit poster for lunch. The fiancé's friend Gary was also there. The Reddit poster said. "He asked me why I was single, and I told him that I was in a happy, committed relationship. He was very taken aback by my answer. He told me that Mary had set up a blind, double-date of sorts for the both of us. I called Mary later on in the day and asked her a ton of questions about why she thought it was okay to do that. At first, she tried to deny it, but then she tried to justify it by saying that, 'Gary is a man who’s more in my league,' . I was shocked by her bluntness, so I just told her that I didn’t want to be her bridesmaid anymore" . Reddit users thought Mary was totally inappropriate. "This conniving behavior is insane," one person wrote. "No friend would ever say that sort of thing," another user commented

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