Bridesmaids spark debate about wedding etiquette after cutting dresses during reception

A group of bridesmaids have sparked a debate about wedding etiquette after they revealed they cut their dresses during the reception.

Emma, @emma.league, shared a video on TikTok last month that was taken during her friend’s wedding. In the footage, one of the bridesmaids could be seen cutting up another one’s pink, floor-length gown, starting at the slit of the dress. As her dress was being altered, the bridesmaid said: “Whoa” and smiled, before she did a brief dance move.

The woman proceeded to use the scissors to tear through her friend’s dress, while another bridesmaid was sitting down and watching in what appeared to be confusion.

The footage then showed a different bridesmaid clapping in response to the gowns being cut. Emma continued to document the back of the dress being cut, before the clip ended with the bottom of the gown being torn off.

Emma described the situation in the text over the video, writing: “When all the bridesmaids decided we were gonna cut our dresses after the reception started.”

She later shared a follow-up video with photos from the wedding, which featured seven bridesmaids posing in the short, knee-length dresses. At the wedding reception, they also paired their outfits with sneakers and pearl necklaces.

As of 4 April, Emma’s two videos have more than 14.1m combined views, with many TikTok users expressing their shock over the choice to cut the bridesmaid dresses.

“But why… just tie a knot on one side of the bottom,” one confused viewer wrote, while another added: “My face the entire time,” along with a shocked face emoji.

A third said: “I would’ve been the one bridesmaid to object because there’s no chance I’d shave my legs knowing I was wearing a long dress.”

However, other people praised the bridesmaids and explained why they thought it was a nice idea to make the dress alterations.

“This is such a clever idea,” one wrote. “No one’s ever wearing their bridesmaids dresses again anyway.”

“The literal version of: ‘You can cut it short and wear it again!” another added.

A third wrote: “These are beautiful dresses. Now you can alter them into rompers for the summer.”

Emma also clarified that the bride approved of the bridesmaids’ decision, as she shared a third video of the bride’s reaction to the short dresses.

In the clip, the bride walked into the room with shock on her face, which Emma described as her friend’s “best attempt at trying to act upset” about the dresses being cut. She also emphasised that the bride “knew” about the alterations and “didn’t care”.

While many brides have opted for their bridesmaids to wear long dresses during their weddings, this isn’t always the case for the reception. During an interview withThe Sun last year, wedding planner Marie Kubin, the CEO of Rent My Wedding, claimed that short bridesmaids dresses have been chosen by brides with a “practical side”.

“It’s so much easier to bust out those dance moves in a short dress,” she said. “You want your bridesmaids to be able to wear their dresses again for other events.”

The Independent has contacted Emma for comment.