Lady Whistledown Just Announced 'Bridgerton' Seasons 3 And 4 Are In The Works

Emily Shiffer
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  • Bridgerton season two is currently being filmed after its hit first season on Netflix.

  • The new season will focus on Anthony Bridgerton becoming viscount and his love life.

  • Production is scheduled for spring 2021, with a potential winter release date.

Netflix's period drama about Regency London society, Bridgerton, has totally taken the internet by storm. After all, it was produced by Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of Grey's Anatomy, so you knew it was going to serve up all the delicious drama you could ever want. From the exquisite costumes to its iconic playlist, it's the perfect escapist TV.

And if you didn't know, the hit show is based on the best-selling romance novel series by Julia Quinn, and takes place between 1813 and 1827. The first season of Bridgerton follows the romance of two main characters, Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page) as well as their family members and overall life in London high society. Of course, there is also the gossip columnist, Lady Whistledown, voiced by none other than Julie Andrews.

If you blew through season one and promptly rewatched it, then you probably can't wait for season two and beyond. Here's everything to know about what's coming next:

So, will there be a Bridgerton season two?

Yes! Netflix made an official announcement about the series renewal on Jan. 21, so Lady Whistledown and all her scandalous ladies and gents are coming back. She shared the news in fitting gossip sheet style:

"The ton are abuzz with the latest gossip, and so it is my honor to impart to you: Bridgerton shall officially return for a second season. I do hope you have stored a bottle of ratafia for this most delightful occasion," the announcement reads.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

"The incomparable cast of Bridgerton will return to production in the Spring of 2021," the announcement continues. "This author has been reliably informed that Lord Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate the social season. I will have my pen ready to report on any and all of his romantic activities."

But Lady Whistledown isn't giving away all the deets just yet (don't worry—there are still tons of spoilers): "However, gentle reader, before you set the comments section alight with requests for more sordid details, know that I am disinclined to report on the particulars at this time. Patience, after all, is a virtue."

Filming for season two is happening right! now!

This hot period piece of goss comes straight from the official Bridgerton Twitter account, which dropped a tweet in early March that shows Nicola Coughlan (a.k.a. Penelope Bridgerton) hanging out with an adorable dog. Her bright red curls are tied up and there’s a staffer hanging out in the background, looking all serious. You can also see what appears to be a man’s elbow resting on the table next to her. Could it be Colin Bridgerton? IDK.

"Gracing your Saturday with a most joyous moment indeed," the tweet reads.

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Unfortunately, the tweet gives fans next to zero clues about season two except that Penelope will be in it (which, duh!).

Luke Newton, who plays Colin, also recently shared an Instagram post about filming, writing "The boys are back in town 🎵 #THROWBACK #SEASON1."

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Which cast members will return for Bridgerton season two?

Pretty much everyone from season one will be back, but…are you sitting down for this? Bridgerton’s official Twitter account just shared that Regé-Jean Page (a.k.a. Simon the Duke of Hastings, a.k.a. the most in-love newlywed ever) won’t return. I know. It’s okay to need a moment.

The show made the sad announcement as part of Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers. "While all eyes turn to Lord Anthony Bridgerton’s quest to find a Viscountess, we bid adieu to Regé-Jean Page, who so triumphantly played the Duke of Hastings," the announcement tweet reads. "We’ll miss Simon’s presence onscreen, but he will always be apart of the Bridgerton family."

Meanwhile, Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor, will "remain a devoted wife and sister, helping her brother navigate the upcoming social season and what it has to offer—more intrigue and romance than my readers may be able to bear."

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Okay, but what the actual heck? While several fans asked in the comments if this was an April Fool’s joke, sadly it’s not.

According to Deadline, Regé-Jean was only under contract to do one season of the show—and in fact, the short-term commitment was part of the role's appeal to Regé-Jean. "It’s a one-season arc. It’s going to have a beginning, middle, end—give us a year," he told Variety, recalling early conversations with Shondaland producers. "[I thought] 'That’s interesting,' because then it felt like a limited series. I get to come in, I get to contribute my bit and then the Bridgerton family rolls on."

Because each Bridgerton book focuses on a different sibling's story, Regé-Jean said fans can rest easy, knowing they'll be satisfied by whatever happens in season two–regardless of his absence. "One of the things that is different about this [romance] genre is that the audience knows the arc completes," he told the publication. "They come in knowing that, so you can tie people in emotional knots because they have that reassurance that we’re going to come out and we’re going to have the marriage and the baby."

"I have nothing but excitement for 'Bridgerton' continuing to steam train off and conquer the globe," he says. "But there is also value in completing these arcs and sticking the landing."

Regé-Jean also shared how he was feeling about leaving the show in an Instagram post. "The ride of a life time," he captioned a photo of himself dressed as the Duke of Hastings. "It’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be your Duke. Joining this family - not just on screen, but off screen too. Our incredibly creative and generous cast, crew, outstanding fans - it’s all been beyond anything I could have imagined. The love is real and will just keep growing ❤️❤️❤️💫"

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Back in January, showrunner Chris Van Dusen told The Today Show that he had "hope" the Duke and Duchess of Hastings would return for season two, but it looks like it'll only be the Duchess this time around.

Don’t worry about Regé-Jean, though: IMDb has him listed as currently filming The Gray Man and upcoming plans to be in Dungeons & Dragons. He’s also reportedly being considered for a James Bond role, per Deadline.

Still, ughhh.

No one has specifically said how the show plans to portray the Duke going forward, but it seems like he might be "traveling" or "away on business" in Daphne’s scenes going forward.

Are any new cast members joining season two?

Well, dear readers, it’s funny you should ask. Netflix just announced several newbies joining the popular series. There's plenty of time to learn about these actors before they grace your screen.

On Monday, the streaming service shared on Twitter: "Bridgerton has added four actors to Season 2: Charithra Chandran will play Edwina Sharma, Kate’s younger sister and Shelley Conn will play Mary Sharma, Kate’s mother. Also say hello to Calam Lynch who will play Theo Sharpe and Rupert Young who will play Jack."

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Charithra has performed in touring West End musicals before, but the spotlight will surely be on her in Bridgerton. In case you didn't read the series, she plays Edwina, the woman Anthony is supposed to marry, but her older sister Kate becomes quite the obstacle for the pair.

Speaking of her sister, Sex Education actress Simone Ashley will also join the cast for season two as Kate Sharma. Worth noting: Her name is Kate Sheffield in the Bridgerton books.

"Kate is a smart, headstrong young woman who suffers no fools — Anthony Bridgerton very much included," the official announcement reads. Ooh, juicy!

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The name change is purposeful: The series' producing team decided Kate and her family would be of Indian descent to continue the multiracial version of early 1800s London high society they created in season one, per Deadline.

Besides Netflix's own Sex Education, Simone has also been on other TV series and miniseries, Doctors and The Sister, according to IMDb.

What will happen during season two?

The Netflix announcement gave more than a subtle hint about what will go down in season two, but mum's mostly the word.

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Still, Van Dusen did talk about the Anthony plotline when he announced the return of season two on The Today Show. "Season two, we're really going to be with the eldest Bridgerton brother next season, Lord Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey," he said. "We left him at the end of the first season at a bit of a crossroads, so I'm looking forward to jumping in and discovering how he fares on the marriage market."

Also—don’t stress—Daphne and Simon, in spirit, will be back. "They are now, of course, the Duke and Duchess of Hastings, but in my mind they will always be Bridgertons, and I think they will always be part of the show," Van Dusen told Today.

Oh, and of course, there's a whole book series fans can rely on to find out (basically) what happens next. The first season of Bridgerton was based on the first book in Quinn's series, The Duke & I, and season two will go into Quinn's second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, which focuses on Anthony becoming Viscount Bridgerton. If you can't wait to watch the show, you can read all about it first.

Even though the show takes certain creative liberties (that pop-infused soundtrack!), Van Dusen confirmed that he was following Quinn's lead in an interview with, "I think we've done some work in season one to set up other characters. We really dig into Anthony's love story. We're really exploring Benedict as well, and Collin, and Eloise's relationship. I think it's a deep well of story for us to explore."

Keep in mind, though, that the second season won’t be exactly like the book. "There's always going to be differences from source material," Van Dusen told EW. "But the fans of the books are going to see that the elements they love of the books on screen, too: the way the siblings banter, the way Violet loves her children, and the love stories at the hearts of each book—these moving, sweeping romances with all the twists and turns, and their steaminess."

But one thing that's certain to stay the same? The show's sexiness—and plenty of it. (I mean, why not give the people what they want?!) Van Dusen told Vanity Fair that there will be lots of steamy scenes in the next season: "We’re inspired by really delicious romance novels, and the sensuality [and] sexuality was always something that we were excited to be able to lean into on the show."

Van Dusen isn't the only member of the Bridgerton extended family who's weighed in on season two. Nicola Coughlan dished some BTS deets on Twitter, too. "I *may* have already been in costume fittings for Season Two and can guarantee you are absolutely not ready," she wrote.

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The Duke of Hastings shared some insight into season two as well. "I think there are a lot of good stories to be told in this world," Regé-Jean told "There’s a plethora of characters and each of those characters has cousins, uncles, and dogs, and I think people enjoy exploring all of those depths and nooks and crannies."

People also suggests Bridgerton season two may include more about the Duke of Hastings adjusting to parenthood, Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton's (Luke Newton) relationship, the inheritance of the Featherington estate, and if Lady Whistledown can keep her identity a secret.

When will Bridgerton season two premiere?

Don’t confuse filming the second season with actually being able to watch it on Netflix. Bridgerton has a long filming schedule, so you may have to wait months after filming starts—like even into 2022—to check it out. Sigh.

What else has the cast said about season two?

"I feel like we've established this big world, so I'd love to explore more of it," Nicola told Radio Times, adding that she'd be particularly excited to explore more of Penelope's world. "I'd love to go on that journey with her, to see how she's changed. I'd really love to come back, because I feel like we've just scratched the surface. And because there's such a huge cast in this show, there's so much more of all the characters."

And Phoebe told Town & Country, "I love that [Daphne's] story ends really nicely; it's all tied up at the end. Now, I have a feeling that she's going to have to get involved with Anthony's love life, since it's his turn next. I'm a hopeless romantic, so I'm all for the happily-ever-after ending."


And showrunner Chris Van Dusen also commented that there are plenty of other stories to be told: "I feel like the first season was primarily about Daphne and her love story with Simon. But, this being a family of eight children and there being eight books, I would love to be able to focus and really tell stories and love stories for all the Bridgerton siblings. For each character, for sure."

Surprise! Bridgerton season three and four are in the works, too.

The good news keeps on coming from the Ton. Here! For! It!

Straight from Lady Whistledown's quill to the Bridgerton Twitter account comes "a most exciting announcement..."

"It seems we have a rather special announcement. Bridgerton shall return for seasons three and four. This author shall have to purchase more ink..."

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Cannot. Wait.

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