Bridget Fonda hasn't acted in more than 20 years, and that's just how she likes it

Bridget Fonda in a green and purple patterned dress posing on a red carpet
Bridget Fonda recently spoke about her decision to leave Hollywood. (Dan Steinberg / Associated Press)

For Bridget Fonda, a life away from the Hollywood spotlight can be a life well-lived.

The former actor, daughter of actors Peter Fonda and Susan Brewer, spoke with the Daily Mail on Monday about her decision to retire from acting. She is best known for her work in "Single White Female," "Jackie Brown" and "The Godfather Part III."

The Daily Mail caught Fonda, 59, at LAX and asked if she might be interested in "making a move back into Hollywood."

"I don't think so, it's too nice being a civilian," she responded as she got into a car. Not even a director could persuade her to jump back into acting, she told the Mail photographer.

The former actor, niece to Jane Fonda, was spotted with her 18-year-old son, Oliver Elfman, whom she shares with composer Danny Elfman ("The Nightmare Before Christmas"). Fonda and Elfman married in 2003.

Fonda last acted in the miniseries "Snow Queen" in 2002, according to IMDb. Her additional movie work includes "Finding Graceland" and "A Simple Plan."

In 1990, she received her first Golden Globe nomination for "Scandal"; her second came in 2002 for "After Amy." Fonda also earned an Emmy nomination in 1997 for "In the Gloaming." She retired in 2002.

Fonda survived a 2003 car crash in Malibu. She reportedly lost control of her vehicle but sustained only minor cuts and bruises. Since then, Fonda has rarely appeared in public, save for a movie premiere in 2009.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.