Bridgewater Couple Returns After Amazing Race COVID Hiatus

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BRIDGEWATER, NJ — Bridgewater residents Akbar and Sheridan Cook were among the five teams to return to finish competing in CBS' TV show "The Amazing Race" after a 19-month hiatus due to COVID.

The teams reunited with host Phil Keoghan in Switzerland but with only five of the nine teams returning. To fill in the gaps, previously two eliminated teams were allowed to return.

The episode's first roadblock throws the Cook for a loop as Sheridan has to hike up a mountain to retrieve the clue. Altitude and her nerves get the best of her and they end up leaving last on that challenge.

At the detour the married Newark educators decided to choose "Toss it" where perform a traditional flag routine. The team struggles again but in the end, make it to the Pit Stop mat in time to race again.

If you missed the episodes, you can catch it on the Paramont+ app. The fifth episode will air on Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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