Bright, loud fireball streaks across Texas sky, videos show. ‘Aliens have landed’

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Many Texans were awestruck overnight by a blinding fireball seen, and heard, streaking across the night sky, videos show.

The bright, burning orb was reportedly spotted by residents across North Texas, and by neighboring Oklahomans, around 9 p.m. Sunday. Some said they heard an unmistakable “boom” as the meteor pierced the sky.

Video taken near College Station shows the meteor zipping past a rural home, booming and flashing like a massive firework.

While the fireball looks yellow in most videos, some say it appeared green, KRTK reported.

A driver with a dashcam captured the beautiful space debris paying the DFW metroplex a visit.

However you want to describe it — pretty, thrilling — some felt it was a bit eerie.

Amateur astronomers in Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana also claim to have laid eyes on the meteor, according to an American Meteor Society report. A total of 149 members reported seeing the fireball — the most sightings of a single meteor event since April, according to AMS records.

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