Clouds arrive with spotty evening showers west

Clouds will gather on Friday with slightly cooler temperatures and a possible shower to the west.

Video Transcript

SAM CHAMPION: Good going. We'll show you what this day is like. And it's beautiful.

But we've got changes coming. Shirlene mentioned it in the tease. So here we go. Let's fill you in.

Stays dry up until we get into some clouds during the day on tomorrow. So everything's really great for the next few hours. Definitely this is some of the best weather we've had all week. Just look at those skies.

And I think because if you just separate the days, we've not only got clear skies, but calm winds as well. 65 degrees outside right now. It's been a nice run. Midland beach at 62. Mill Basin at 60 degrees.

This is so very unApril like to have a week like this for us. So it's been a joy. 61, 65 degrees even in northern areas. These are some of the numbers that will pop into the 70s today.

All of our mild air is on the Eastern seaboard right now. It's being cut off and cut apart from this kind of pocket of colder air that's right behind a storm that's right about there. Already getting some clouds into Chicagoland. And those are the clouds it will be for us later on and start building in by the day tomorrow.

But nothing close to home right now. Even some scattered clouds that were out on the East end have pulled away. But you can see where they all are. So Cincinnati right here just back off to the West of Cleveland near Chicago land. That's where all that moisture is getting in.

So as we lose this protective area of high pressure finally today, it's been blocking everything back off to the West. Steps of clouds and then a shower and then some heavier rain will move in our direction. It's not a completely wet weekend. But there are wet moments in it.

There goes that high pressure. Then come the clouds. And on Saturday, we'll keep most of the rain out of the way.

And I think we can squeeze out a fairly dry day on Saturday. It's nighttime on Saturday when this stuff starts to lift into the area. And Sunday is a day that I don't think we can get around it. So when this moves through, it's more than a half inch of rain.

And the models haven't really decided if it's a lot more or a little more. So we'll continue to watch that. And we'll give you more and more as we get closer to it.

But watch the temperatures drop just ever so slightly. By 8:00 PM, we're still 60 degrees. This is what I love about this week. We didn't drop into sharply colder air as soon as the sun went down. We let it ride a little bit.

And that has been so nice to have this pocket of air on top of us for this week. UV index about six. So it's strong out there. If you're going to spend much time, sun protection.

Bright skies, stays mild. Yes, the allergies are kicking because the tree pollen. And a partly cloudy night. But it's very nice. 48 degrees.

Now, we start to bring in those clouds. It's a bit cooler during the day tomorrow. But every number you see above 58 is above our normal mark. So even as we start to cool off a little bit, it's better than it would normally be, guys.

- --number on the board. All right, Sam. Thank you. Thank you.