Chilly change: Updated 7-day forecast

A couple of showers and a thunderstorm are on the way for Wednesday with the potential for strong to damaging wind gusts in any storm in the afternoon.

Video Transcript

- The scene. We're 70 degrees outside right now. We've got beautiful skies, and we don't have a problem today. It's tomorrow. And as the control room well knows, I like a long explanation, so this is where we're going to go into how that's all going to happen.

Brookhaven is coming in at about 59 degrees, but Nassau County is coming in at about 63, close to the shore, but 70 in Central Park, 70 in Belmar right now. This is our biggest problem over the next couple of days, and that's that shot of cold air that's going well deep down into Texas. This has got some frost and freeze on the edge. It's had some snow back in to the western parts of of this area.

Kansas City got some snow this morning. Chicago's got some cold air right now at 35 degrees compared to our 70 degrees. So in comes that cold air, but let's talk about today. Because as David said, this is the nicest day that we've got. Now Saturday's not too bad, but I don't even think it can compare to this. It is beautiful outside, a nice cool breeze, 70 degrees right now, going to 74, plenty of sunshine.

And tomorrow, in comes this low. Along that low is a cold front, and you're already starting to see that cold air delivering some snow in western New York state. Western New York state gets about three to six inches of snow back up here. Binghamton probably gets less than a half inch of wet snow. Poconos and Catskills, barely just a little light snow out of this as that cold air drains in and the moisture pulls out, but it's a cold gusty wind for us on Thursday.

And though high temperature will show you, if you look at the seven-day, 53 degrees, that windchill is going to stay in the 40s all day long. It's a one day thing. Don't get upset yet, because we come right back with some milder air with that area of high pressure by the time we get into Friday, but it's just a time period that we've got to get through when this all starts tomorrow.

So let's run it on the hour by hour here, and you can see some scattered showers. This is by 11 o'clock. So late tonight into the early morning hours, some scattered showers are loaded more north and west than they are in eastern areas. And you can already see that little bit of sleet that's up in the northern area. I don't want to turn around. I just wanted to bend back and show you.

And you could see the eastern areas, we haven't caught up with the clouds yet, but that soon does happen. And, of course, the computer locked up. There it goes. So let me show you how this works in. This is about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and it's not one long line of storms, but there's a line of broken storms here. So we are going to see some strong gusty winds come down through this.

Right now, not looking at it to be severe, but the possibility is there. So we're going to talk about this a lot during the morning hours of tomorrow to get everybody aware for this. I think our biggest problem will be a quick burst of wind and rain with those storms as they come through and then the cold air that comes in behind it.

Now notice this at 9:30 on Wednesday, there are still some pockets of flurries up here, and the numbers are in the 40s, except for the Poconos and Catskills where the numbers are in the 30s. So we don't get a lot of snow out of this, but there are some moisture. Severe risk, as we mentioned, is just marginal right now during the day, but it's something we want to watch very carefully, because there's a strong long line of wind at about 5,000 feet that's about 40 to 50 miles per hour.

Get some mixing out of those building thunderstorms and we can get gusts like that near the ground on the surface. So we're talking about some great looking skies. We'll have some clouds in overnight. Even by 10:00 AM, there can be some showers and thundershowers during the day tomorrow. And that's our most complicated time period is tomorrow watching those storms.

Quick look at the pollen count, 74 degrees, nice and warm. Clouds arrive, it's a mild night for us at 52 degrees. Mostly cloudy, early shower will lead to a late gusty storm at 64, and then those cooler temperatures. Guys?

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