Wake-Up Weather: Steady PM rain

Steady rain, including possible heavy downpours, will move in late Wednesday and continue into Thursday morning.

Video Transcript

SAM CHAMPION: Let's look up the Hudson River right now. Look. This is majestic. It is just incredible how far you can see. It looks like you could see forever, well into central New York state and northwestern corners of New Jersey from that shot looking at the George right now.

54 degrees, so we're solidly on our way up a little bit this afternoon. Big question is can we actually get above 60 degrees, or is this south wind got a lot of water temperature involvement in it for us? We're 51 in Mill Basin right now, 54 as you start to get a little bit up into Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. 54 in White Plains as well, 55 in Poughkeepsie. So inland numbers are doing OK.

But it's nice to join the milder air pockets that is toward the southeast and the middle of the country. Here's our next system parked right here, behind that, some sharply colder air. So we've got two days of cold air coming once we move all of this through. Here's where we are right now with that big area of high pressure nicely put with us and the system that's back off to the west here that's going to move in our direction.

It's carrying some clouds, so not today and not the first part of tonight, but overnight we'll move some clouds in. And during the day tomorrow, we'll just kind of thicken them up until we get some showers and sprinkles first and then some heavier rain later on in the day. In the overnight time period, this is going to be some pretty heavy rain. And it could be more than an inch of rain in some locations. We could have some ponding water on streets, that kind of thing, that tapers off a little bit on Thursday.

And then the real question everybody's buzzing about, is there a connection between the cold air and the leftover moisture? See, the low deepens as it moves away from us, so it is throwing more moisture back behind it, and the cold air trying to sweep in and dry it off. Right now, if you want to see some snow out of this, it's going to have to be northern central New York state. The Poconos and Catskills will get a little.

We'll get some wet rain mixed with snow, I think, as this thing kicks out. I'm going to show you why I say that with the temperatures. Here's where the clouds all start. This is 6 o'clock in the morning. There's some scattered sprinkles there. A lot more in the way of scattered sprinkles until about 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. This stops at 6:30 to show you that line of rain that just kind of steps from there to there to there.

After this, watch it move out toward the eastern end of Long Island. That's the heaviest band of rain that we see. That's the more than inch of rain. Now, the good news here, by the time we get into all of this kicking out behind it, you could-- look at this. Even Bridgeport at 46 degrees where you've got that snow mixed in. Right behind that, where the cold air is, it's 41, 42.

So this isn't really measurable snow. It's just some snow mixed in with some of that rain as it kicks out for us. But if you travel about two hours out of the city, start to go up into central New York state, we're going to see a little collection of snow out of that. I don't think there's any way around that.

And here we go with some sunshine over the rest of the day today. This is just perfection, truly is. Then we keep it mostly clear all the way up until around midnight, 11:00 PM to midnight, when those first clouds start to get in from western areas. As they do, they'll just continue to kind of cloud up everything by the time we get to the morning hours until a sprinkle occurs and that rain later on.

Air quality is fantastic today. UV index is starting to step it up a little bit, so particularly where there is no clouds out there today, if you're going to be out for a long period of time, take some sun protection with you. If you're an allergy sufferer, tree pollen for the next few weeks is going to be our thing. Bright sun, a mild day. 62 degrees for us. Still trying to get to that 62 degree mark. And the farther away you are from water influence, the closer we'll get to that number. Some areas close to the water may stop at about 59, 60 degrees.

Clouds arrive overnight. 49 degrees is our temperature. Then clouds increase as we go through the morning and the afternoon. First an early shower, then some late heavy rain. That'll carry into the overnight, and it's more than an inch of rain. So Thursday, that's our little wet snow shower. Mixed in as it all pulls away, look at that sharply colder air with those falling temperatures. 48 for the high on Thursday. 43 is the high on Friday. That's way below normal for this time of year, guys.

- OK, thank you for that, Sam. A new plan--