New Brighton woman facing over 100 charges related to animal cruelty

NEW BRIGHTON – A borough woman is facing over 100 criminal charges after authorities said dozens of animals were rescued from dangerous living conditions at her home Friday evening.

Officers from the Beaver County Humane Society have filed charges against 62-year-old Barbara Beatty after they rescued a total of 34 animals from her home on Jan. 20. According to first responders, the animals were found living in negligent conditions, without any food and water, and several dead animals were found around the property.

The humane society was made aware of the potential animal abuse after a call was received about several dead horses seen on the property by community members. When inspectors arrived, 16 animals were found inside the home on Taylor Drive. A variety of animals were found around the property, including dogs, horses, hedgehogs and rabbits.

An additional 18 animals were reportedly found in a barn on Beatty's property, where officers found larger animals such as horses and alpacas covered in feces and urine.

Beatty is facing a total of six felony charges and 108 misdemeanor charges linked to animal cruelty and neglect that occurred at her home. Some of the animals rescued are currently in emergency veterinary care, but may be put up for adoption in the future.

This article originally appeared on Beaver County Times: New Brighton woman facing over 100 charges related to animal cruelty