Bristol Zoo Touts Success of Endangered Mountain Chicken Frog Conservation Efforts

The Bristol Zoological Society in England has been working to conserve the critically endangered mountain chicken frog, one of the rarest and largest frogs in the world, it said in a press release.

The zoo has been a part of an international breeding program for the species for the last 20 years, they said in a press release sent to Storyful, and houses 10 chicken frogs as of September 10.

The frog, native to the Caribbean, is named for its meaty hind legs, which humans find appetizing. Populations of the amphibian have declined drastically as a result of hunting, volcanic activity, and the arrival of the chytrid fungus, the zoo said on its website.

According to the zoo, the frog’s head and body length can reach over 7 inches, and it can weigh up to 1.7 pounds.

This video sent by the zoo on September 10 shows a handler weighing a frog. Credit: Bristol Zoological Society via Storyful

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