What are Britain’s most common Christmas mishaps?

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The majority of those asked said they’d rather have an ‘authentic’ Christmas than a perfect one  (Getty Images)
The majority of those asked said they’d rather have an ‘authentic’ Christmas than a perfect one (Getty Images)

Britons have revealed the most common Christmas mishaps, including forgetting to put the oven on, bringing up politics at the dinner table - and losing someone’s present.

A poll of 2,000 adults found nearly three quarters have had a Christmas blunder, with knocking over the Christmas tree, getting too tipsy and being caught cheating at Scrabble all in the top 40 list.

Other awkward moments include being caught pulling faces behind auntie’s back and not realising your mother-in-law was in earshot when they moaned about her interfering.

In fact, the survey found that Christmas mishaps are so common, one in three believe getting through the festive period without at least one blunder would be a true Christmas miracle.

As a result, 64 per cent suspect people tend to filter their festive period, only putting the ‘good parts’ of Christmas on social media so their family life appears more perfect.

But six in 10 would rather have a ‘real and authentic’ festive experience than getting too caught up trying to make everything perfect.

Tina Warner-Keogh, co-founder of Warner’s Distillery, which commissioned the research, said: “There’s nothing more real than when things don’t go quite to plan at Christmas.

“So, what’s not to love if the dog eats the turkey (that happened) or if the Christmas pudding set the tablecloth on fire (that also happened).

“It’s all real, authentic festive family fun.

“In a world where reality is increasingly filtered to keep up appearances, a real and authentic Christmas – mishaps and all – makes the festive season much more memorable.”

The poll also found one quarter of adults have left the price tags on gifts, while others ran out of wrapping paper.

Another 12 per cent admitted to blazing their way through two-thirds of a tub of Quality Street by themselves – only leaving the worst ones for others.

And just 23 per cent reckon they have completely ‘mastered’ how to manage Christmas – and get through with no blunders at all.

More than half of respondents polled via OnePoll would go as far as to admit they feel relieved when the season of goodwill is finally over.

To celebrate Christmas – blunders and all – Warner’s has created a festive cocktail menu, including the ‘0% Come All Ye Drivers’, for anyone trying to avoid getting too tipsy, and ‘Christmas On The Rocks, that can be slung together last minute to appease the in-laws.

Tina Warner-Keogh, from Warner’s Distillery added: “With last year being a pretty unusual one for all of us, let’s not get caught up in the pressure to appear ‘perfect’.

“We are all about keeping it real at Warner’s, which is why we only use 100 per cent natural ingredients in our gin.”

“Whatever blunders you encounter this Christmas, enjoying time with those that truly matter is what it’s all about.

“So, let’s keep it real and have a very merry Christmas.”


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