Britain's Burger King says bye-bye kids toys

Watch out, Big Mac fans, the maker of the Whopper is stepping up its game on cutting down on polluting plastics, too.

The Burger King chain announced Thursday it will no longer give out plastic toys in children's meals in Britain.

Soon you'll be able to donate its earlier plastic toys.

They'll eventually be melted down to be remade into both reusable trays that encourage play, and play sets in select stores.

The news comes a day after McDonald's announced that it would allow customers at some restaurants in Britain and Ireland to swap out toys for fruit.

McDonald's also plans to introduce books as an option early next year.

The action by the fast food giants comes after a petition with more than half a million signatures that called on them to stop giving out plastic toys.

CEO of Burger King UK Alasdair Murdoch.


"By doing what we're doing, we're taking action today. We're not committing to doing something in five years' time. This is sort of a piece in the journey."

Burger King said its action at its restaurants across Britain will save an estimated 320 tons of single use plastic every year.