Britain's PM, opposition leader vote in local elections

STORY: Every local council seat in Scotland, Wales and London is being contested with many more across the rest of England -- adding up to a total of 200 local authorities.

In 2019, Johnson upended conventional British politics by winning in both the traditional Conservative southern heartlands and more industrial areas in central and northern England.

These elections are seen as a test of support for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who became the first British leader in living memory to have broken the law while in office when he was fined last month for attending a birthday gathering in his office in 2020.

Accompanied by his dog Dilyn, Johnson went to a polling station at Methodist Central Hall a short walk from his Downing Street residence to cast his vote.

Starmer and his wife, Victoria Starmer, voted at a polling station in Kentish Town, in London's northwest.

Results are expected to start coming in from the early hours of Friday (May 6).