British backpacker arrested after 'spraying graffiti on bridge in Cambodia'

A British backpacker has been arrested after allegedly helping her boyfriend to spray graffiti on a road bridge in Cambodia. Ruby Wilkins, 28, from Manchester, appeared on CCTV sitting on a motorcycle in Kampot province at around 1 am last Thursday (June 11). Her partner was then allegedly seen tagging 'Soren2020' along the concrete road blocks. Officials checked the surveillance footage and traced the motorcycle to a nearby guest house where Ruby was arrested. They claim that the same pair had also daubed their tag on a nearby advertising billboard. Outraged locals were then forced to scrub away the vandalism in the sweltering 35C heat. One of those at the scene cleaning, Pi Sey, said: ''Foreigners like to do this in their own country but here it's not allowed. ''This is a public place so it's a distraction for drivers. We have to clean it all away.'' Kampot District council revealed the details of the case but the boyfriend was not immediately found and had not been named. They said in a statement that Ruby had been arrested at around 10pm the day after the alleged graffiti vandalism on June 12. The council added: ''Criminal and Immigration force staff arrested a foreigner for causing intentional damage by spraying on a billboard and a new bridge. ''They were British citizen Ruby Patricia Wilkins. A case will now be built against the suspect.'' In October 2018, Lee Furlong, 23, from Liverpool was arrested in neighbouring Chiang Mai province in Thailand for pray painting 'Scouse Lee' on an ancient fortress.

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