British Designer Flora Soames Debuts Collection of Textiles and Wall Coverings

Mitchell Owens

“A friend used to call it my ‘one-day box,’ ” British interior designer Flora Soames says with a laugh. That would be a trunk full of antique and vintage fabrics and wallpapers that she’s collected for years. Well, “one day” is now. Those beloved documents have sparked Soames’s inaugural collection of textiles and wall coverings, all customizable and made in the U.K. Dahlias wallpaper interprets a floriferous Belle Époque treasure; Oulton Stripe, shot with gold thread, is based on a Syrian blanket; and Chartwell Weave (named in honor of Soames’s great-grandfather Winston Churchill’s house) was adapted from an Arts and Crafts bridge-table cover. “I’ve always been attracted to fabrics with a slightly crude, painterly quality,” Soames explains of her sources of inspiration, mostly late-19th and early-20th century. “People then took design slightly less seriously, and I hope that comes across.”

Her new Dahlias block-printed wallpaper.
Image courtesy of the company.
Honeycomb weave.
Image courtesy of the company.
Enid's garland.
Image courtesy of the company.

Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest