British PM Boris Johnson admits he fathered a half-dozen kids

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ended the mystery over how many children he’s fathered by confirming that number is six.

The 57-year-old politician told NBC “Today” that count was correct, despite having previously been elusive about the topic. With another baby on the way, Johnson said raising kids is “a lot of work,” but he loves being a dad.

“I change a lot of nappies,” he said.

Johnson and his wife Carrie welcomed a son, Alfred, in April 2020. The PM has four children with his ex-wife, Marina Wheeler. He also sired a daughter with a former mistress in 2009. Johnson has been married three times.

In his interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, Johnson also talked about the recent changing of the U.S. president. He said getting along with whomever American voters put in charge is part of his job, but called working with President Biden a “breath of fresh air.”

Johnson called himself a “massive fan of American democracy” and said his outlook was “undimmed” by the Jan. 6 uprising at the Capitol.