British tourist 'kicked off Turkish Airlines flight after informing staff he had nut allergy'

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Josh Silver, pictured with girlfriend Flavia, claims he was kicked off a plane after revealing he had a nut allergy (SWNS)

A British holiday-maker says he has been “discriminated against” after he was removed from a Turkish Airlines flight after he told cabin crew that he had a nut allergy.

Josh Silver says he told a female flight attendant of his allergy while boarding the plane from Turkey’s Antalya airport on a flight back to the UK.

The 25-year-old, who was travelling with girlfriend Flavia Ivanaj, had informed the airline of his condition on the way out and been assured it was not a problem.

But he was horrified when the attendant returned to him shortly before take off and told him that he would have to leave the aircraft immediately.

Mr Silver refused to leave the aircraft but the crew called armed Turkish police officers who boarded the plane and escorted him and his girlfriend off on Friday, June 7.

Mr Silver claims he was kicked off the Turkish Airlines flight after telling a member of the cabin crew about his allergy (SWNS)

He was later forced to pay £550 for another airline to fly him back home.

Mr Silver, from Waltham Abbey, Essex, said: "I feel discriminated against for having a medical problem, I hadn't done anything illegal or intoxicated."

His allergy is not airborne, meaning he will not suffer an anaphylactic reaction unless he consumes a product containing nuts.

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Mr Silver said that he told staff that he was allowed to fly out by Turkish Airlines, and refused to leave his seat.

He added: "It really hit a few emotions, I started to cause a scene if I'm honest.”

Turkish Airlines called the police to escort Josh and Flavia off the plane.

The 5-year-old was forced to pay a further £550 for another airline to fly him back home (SWNS)

Mr Silver said: "The police put hands on my girlfriend and they removed us from the flight, they took out passports from us and kicked us off the flight.

"The entire ordeal was over in an hour, it was really overwhelming.

"My girlfriend was really stressed and upset by the whole thing, I told her to just stay on the flight and go home but she refused."

The events manager is furious at his treatment by Turkish Airlines but also at the airline industry's refusal to put a blanket ban on nut products in planes.

He said: "They're putting people's lives in the airline's hands, if someone doesn't know they have a nut allergy and have an attack in the air it will be catastrophic.

"It is so easy to just ban nuts, it is such a dangerous condition."

Turkish Airlines have been approached for comment.