Britney Spears: Jamie Lynn’s husband caught in Instagram snafu

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Jamie Watson, the husband of Britney Spears’s sister Jamie Lynn, was apparently caught in an awkward blunder after the pop star’s fans noticed something about Jamie Lynn’s Instagram post.

In a photo posted by Jamie Lynn, Watson is seen sitting in front of a hotel mirror with his laptop on the desk, as he looks at his phone.

In zoomed-in images, fans revealed that Watson appeared to be looking at a post on his sister-in-law’s Instagram, in which the pop star quoted a passage from a book about kindness.

The post was in between two topless photos the star had also shared on Instagram.

“Not Jamie Lynn’s husband checking out the book post in between Britney’s titties, how embarrassing,” one fan account wrote.

“Jamie Lynn and her husband are obsessed with Britney,” another fan tweeted.

Jamie Lynn appears to have since deleted the post from her feed, but it still showed on her Stories at the time of writing – only with Watson’s phone obscured by her caption: “He’s always working.”

Tensions between Britney and her sister have surfaced in public after the pop star’s dramatic court testimony amid her ongoing conservatorship battle.

Following her appearance at open court in Los Angeles, Spears wrote a lengthy message to fans on 17 July in which she complained about people close to her “never showing up”.

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She also called out her sister specifically, stating that she had not enjoyed having to watch Jamie Lynn perform her songs at an awards show. “My so-called support system hurt me deeply,” she said.

The previous week, Jamie Lynn had shared a photo of a “box of goodies” Spears apparently sent to her children, apparently to prove they are still on good terms.

Yesterday (26 July), Spears formerly filed to have her father, Jamie Spears, removed as her conservator.

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