Brittany Matthews Shares Adorable Snap of Daughter Sterling Snuggling with Dog: 'Every Morning'

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Sterling Skye Mahomes, Brittany Matthews
Sterling Skye Mahomes, Brittany Matthews

Brittany Matthews/Instagram. Inset: Paras Griffin/Getty

Sterling Skye can't get enough of her doggy siblings!

On Wednesday, Brittany Matthews posted an adorable photo to her Instagram Story of her 11-month-old daughter cuddling with one of their pet dogs while watching TV. In the cute snap, Sterling, whom Matthews shares with fiancé Patrick Mahomes, hugs the dog while resting her head on his back.

"Every morning she eats her bottle and immediately wants to snuggle the pups🥺," Matthews, 26, writes.

The mom of one often posts about sweet moments between Sterling and their dogs Silver and Steel, previously sharing a silly video of her daughter feeding her food to Silver instead of eating it herself.

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Sterling Skye Mahomes, Brittany Matthews
Sterling Skye Mahomes, Brittany Matthews

Brittany Matthews/Instagram

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In the clip, Sterling picks up her spoon while sitting in her high chair and passes it to her dog for a lick. Silver sits on the ground next to Sterling and patiently waits for the infant to sneak her a treat.

"What do you do with a child, who will eat no food that you give her but just gives it to the dogs?" Matthews says in the background. "Oh nice," she adds as her daughter goes to feed the dog.

Brittany Matthews
Brittany Matthews

Brittany Matthews/Instagram; Inset: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

In November, Matthews shared another video to her Instagram Story of a funny moment between Sterling and her pet dog.

In the snippet, Sterling sticks her hand out to the side for Silver to clean after snacking on some avocado. The infant adorably looks at the pooch while she watches her lick her hand.

"How we clean hands over here," Matthews says in the background, teasing there's "no need for a napkin."

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