Brittany Renner Shows Off Unexpected Musical Talent In Viral Video Featuring Son With PJ Washington

Brittany Renner is a woman of many talents but who knew one of them happened to be in music? The 30-year-old mother of two took to social media to share an adorable video of her and her one year old son sitting at the piano for an adorable ‘mommy and me’ moment.

The video, posted Sept. 1 on Instagram, has garnered over 160,000 views so far and shows Renner and her son, whom she shares with ex PJ Washington of the Charlotte Hornets, candidly playing around on the piano. While her baby boy slams on the keys in typical toddler fashion, Renner begins playing the melody to Nicki Minaj hit single “Moment For Life.” It’s hard not to rap the lyrics in your head while you watch.

“We’re Barbz in this household,” Renner captioned the video.

Her baby boy seems mesmerized by the melody. He eventually stops tapping on the keys to stare at his mommy’s fingers as she got into it.

The video ends with the 30-year-old giving her first born a cuddle as he went back to experimenting on the piano for himself.

Brittany Renner posts baby content on @bundleofmilf, giving followers an inside look into her life as a mom. Among that content are several mommy and baby piano sessions, which show the two play around with the keys.

Although she’s posted a few videos on the piano, this is the first time Renner’s actually shown fans the full extent of what she can do.

Renner’s got some talent when it comes to stroking the keys, and it looks like her baby boy may follow in her footsteps.


Renner welcomed her and Washington’s son, who she affectionately calls “Baby Shark” on social media, in May 2021. While he’s perfect, her relationship with Washington hasn’t always been. According to TMZ, the pair coupled up in 2020, and after “Baby Shark” was born, things went left. They went after each other on social media, and some alleged that Renner only had a baby with him to get a piece of his $12 million NBA contract. That started the “#FreePJ” trend, where fans of he basketball player dropped the hashtag all over Renner’s social media.

Renner has vehemently denied claims that she only had a child with Washington for the money. She recently did so again while appearing on the Tonight’s Conversation podcast. She shared that contrary to popular belief, she only gets a few thousand bucks a month in child support from Washington, not the $200,000 people speculated.

But it appears like it’s all love between baby shark’s parents. Both have moved on, Washington recently popped the question to his pregnant now-fiancée Alisah Chanel earlier this week and Renner welcomed another baby boy in December, and Renner even congratulated Washington on his engagement, TMZ reports.

Congrats y’all!!!” She commented on Chanel’s post of her rock.