Broadcast Map for Sunday: Who to watch after Vikings vs Saints

The Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints on Sunday morning and in doing so, they will be the only broadcast in their timeslot.

The game will be broadcast on NFL Network at 8:30 pm central and will be available for the entire nation to watch.

After the game, there will be two time slots where Vikings fans will be able to enjoy football after the game ends.

Here is who Vikings fans will be able to watch on Sunday afternoon.

Noon on CBS

  • Red: Buffalo @ Baltimore

  • Blue: NY Jets @ Pittsburgh

  • Green: LA Chargers @ Houston

  • Yellow: Jacksonville @ Philadelphia

  • Orange: Cleveland @ Atlanta

Fox single game coverage

  • Red: Washington @ Dallas

  • Blue: Chicago @ NY Giants

  • Yellow: Seattle @ Detroit

  • Brown: Tennessee @ Indianapolis

  • Arizona @ Carolina (LATE)

CBS late

  • Red: New England @ Green Bay

  • Denver @ Las Vegas

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire