Broadway vaccination site to open to film and TV employees as well

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday that the new Broadway vaccination site would not serve just Broadway workers but also film and TV employees as well.

Video Transcript

BILL DE BLASIO: Film and TV are coming back strong in New York City right now. You go around the city. You see filming happening all over. The film and TV industries over recent years came back to New York City in a huge way. We did a lot to foster and support that effort. Now they're coming back strong.

And this is going to be important to our recovery. On Thursday, [INAUDIBLE] and I had a great visit to the set of "Nora from Queens." We met with Nora Lum, otherwise known as Awkwafina, and all the other actors and the whole team that put together that remarkable show. If you have not watched it, it is amazing. [INAUDIBLE] and I are big devotees of the show. And Awkwafina-- extraordinary, extraordinary talent, and a graduate of New York City Public Schools.

I talked to her about her whole history in the public school. She started rattling off all the public schools she went to, from elementary school all the way to Laguardia High School. And it's great to see someone who came from our schools do so well. And she's totally devoted to New York City, as is her whole team.

So this is great that film and TV are coming back. We want the film and TV community to be part of our vaccination effort as well. So we're going to welcome them to join the vaccination center in Times Square. We want to make sure that the film and TV industry comes back stronger all the time. Vaccinations will play a key role. We want to make it easy for the actors and the producers and the crews, everyone in the film and TV industry, to get vaccinated.

So Times Square site will also be made available to them. We're working with the unions in the film and TV industry, the industry itself, the companies involved. We'll have dedicated appointments set aside for folks from film and TV. And this is going to help this industry come back. But much more important, it's part of the lifeblood of our city. It's part of what makes us special. And--