Brockton Schools Seek To Delay In-Person Learning

The superintendent is seeking a waiver to bring students back after April vacation.

Video Transcript

PAULA EBBEN: The Brockton superintendent plans to ask the state for a waiver to delay full-time in-person learning. Michael Thomas wants the district to go slower, saying that students only returned for a one-day-a-week hybrid model last month. He wants to go 50% in-person on April 5 and move to 100% for K through 8 students right after April vacation.

MICHAEL THOMAS: The Monday after April vacation, the 26th, the weather will be warmer. More teachers will be able to take their classes outside. A lot of the specialists, like music, phys ed, can go-- art can go outside when the weather's, you know, if the weather's nice. Obviously, if we don't have rain. But it helps, you know, it helps us get kids outside and open up more space.

PAULA EBBEN: The state says it will approve waivers, but on a limited basis. All waiver requests for elementary schools are due by Monday. For middle schools, the deadline is April 12.