Broken Arrow farm shares stories of unusual friendship between a duck an 165-pound dog

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You could call five-pound Olaf the duck a “small king.” He thinks he’s in charge of his Broken Arrow farm home, and he roams the back yard, making sure all the other animals are okay.

Even the other ducks know to follow along.

His owner, Jessie Vallier, wasn’t sure what would happen when she added Sven to the family a month later. Sven is a 165-pound ball of fluff from Nebraska.

But Sven and Olaf became an unlikely pair.

During the pandemic, the two quickly became friends. Jessie says, “It’s kind of a once in a lifetime friendship that occurs naturally.”

Jessie noticed the two walking side-by-side, swimming together and even playing fetch in their own way. You could say opposites attract. Jessie captured. videos of the unique friendship for other people to enjoy on social media. She wanted other kids to experience the joy of this fun friendship.

With help from a team, she created the children’s book, “Adventures of Biss and Ollie.”

“My kids are growing up getting to witness these friendships, and it’s super special because they bring joy to people.”

Illustrations captured real life, and now the Broken Arrow dog and duck will be bringing smiles to kids faces for generations to come.

There’s plans for more books about all Broken Arrow animals on this farm in the future. You can follow the pair’s adventures on Facebook.