‘She deserved better’ — Bronx woman found dead in bathroom in January was murdered, say cops

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A Bronx woman found dead in her bathroom early this year was the victim of a homicide, police said Friday.

Jessica Springman, 37, was found unconscious inside her apartment at NYCHA’s Mill Brook Houses on E. 137th St. in Mott Haven on Jan. 25. The city medical examiner ruled her death a homicide Thursday.

It’s not clear how Springman was killed. Police were trying to determine if her drug history played a role in her death.

“She deserved better,” said Karen Savnik, 37, who was Springman’s roommate and still lives in the apartment where she died. “I’m speechless. I’m devastated. There’s so many emotions.”

Savnik said she discovered Springman’s body 12 hours after she’d disappeared in the bathroom.

“She went into the bathroom to get dressed,” Savnik said.

“We were supposed to go downtown and hang out with friends, but I fell asleep.”

“I wish I had gotten up in the night and found her before it was too late,” she said. “There were two other people — roommates — in the apartment. I don’t know what happened.”

Asked the condition of Springman’s body when she was found, Savnik said: “She was in the bathtub not dressed up and blood was all over the place. It looked like she hit the back of her head. The cops said it was asphyxiation, but I can’t imagine how that is.”

“She was a free spirit,” Savnik said of her friend. “She lived life to the fullest. If she had something on her mind, she expressed it.”

Springman worked as a dancer at “gentlemen’s clubs in Manhattan and Long Island,” Savnik said. “She was battling demons, but she was a good person.”

The women lived with two male roommates. Savnik said cops advised her to move out after Springman’s death —”detectives were telling me if I stay here, I could be next,” she recounted.

One of the men is in jail, Savnik said, and the other “stopped coming around.”

There have been no arrests.

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