Brooke Shields Is the New Face of True Botanicals

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Photo credit: True Botanicals
Photo credit: True Botanicals

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Supermodel and actress Brooke Shields is the newest face of True Botanicals, joining Laura Dern, Olivia Wilde, and Rachel Lindsay in promoting the buzzy clean skincare brand. "In meeting the team and the founders, and talking about their approach to wellness, products, the ingredients they source, and that they are a female-founded company—I just liked everything about their DNA," Shields tells Shields is all about the brand's Renew collection, which was designed to add radiance back to normal-to-dry and mature skin types with ingredients like chebula, omega-rich plant oils, ceramides, and peptides. "My whole focus is on renewal and sort of rejuvenation, and starting new chapters and beginning again—this fit perfectly into the narrative," Shields says.

True Botanicals' products are not only clean by the most rigorous standards (like BAZAAR's very own), but also vegan, cruelty free, and highly effective. The brand doesn't compromise science-backed results for sustainability or a lighter ingredient list. "We are thrilled to be partnering with Brooke, an iconic, ageless beauty who is dedicated to self-care, with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep," True Botanicals founder Hillary Peterson says. "Brooke is an ideal person to help us grow a brand that is transforming beauty."

Photo credit: True Botanicals
Photo credit: True Botanicals

Shields is the first to admit that working with True Botanicals has become more like a master class in skin science than a traditional brand partnership. "It's so lovely working with them, because they were interested in educating me. I come from a world where, in advertising, they want to slap your face on stuff. I mean, maybe you have to use it legally for the day, but they just don't want to educate you on the product or have you really care," Shields recalls. "I looked at it like school, and I love when I'm respected with information. Because then, I can authentically and legitimately represent a product—I don't just stick my face on anything."

That education has led Shields to prioritize her skin more than ever before through consistent morning and night routines. Her daytime favorites include the Nourishing Cleanser, Chebula Active Serum, and the Renew Pure Radiance Oil. "It's absolutely divine," she says. She'll reach for a mask, like the Moisture Lock Overnight Mask or Resurfacing Moisture Mask, once a week. "The Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm is just so yummy and delicious, but it doesn't leave your skin greasy, and warm water dissolves it off," she adds. "I also love feeling like a chemist when I'm putting on the vitamin C powder. You know, these are products that I can even give to my children."

Shields has two daughters who regularly make an appearance on her Instagram, and even helped her launch a successful TikTok career. "I have one daughter who's completely interested in skincare and another daughter who's completely uninterested," Shields says. "My mom was just sort of like, soap, water, and hydration. She was very no-frills. But my young daughter is always giving herself facials and masks and rolling. We've been doing these things together and having beauty days." Shields says that her daughters have taught her that it's "nice to spend time on yourself, not because you have to for work."

When she's not slathering her skin in True Botanicals or dancing her way through TikTok, Shields is still busy acting. Her latest film, A Castle for Christmas, will debut on Netflix November 26. "I just love that Netflix is doing romantic comedies. That is my happy place," Shields says. "I love these feel-good projects. I love Christmas movies. And I love a strong woman that is not looking to be rescued. [My character] doesn't know what to expect, and her world changes, and she's open to it. We filmed in Scotland, too—I mean, come on. It was so beautiful."

You can catch Shields's new campaign with True Botanicals on your TikTok #FYP very soon.

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