Brooklyn Community Calls For End To Gun Violence After 5-Year-Old Girl Is Grazed By Stray Bullet

There are calls to put an end to the violence after a 5-year-old girl in Brooklyn was grazed by a stray bullet; CBS2's Christina Fan reports.

Video Transcript

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Calls to put an end now to the violence after a five-year-old girl in Brooklyn is hit by a stray bullet. The little girl, the latest victim in the surge of gun violence in New York City. CBS2's Christina Fan has more on the neighborhood reaction to the crime and the police response.

CHRISTINA FAN: NYPD detectives, along with a community liaison and her child, visited the home of a five-year-old Brooklyn girl grazed by a stray bullet, hoping to comfort the family. The officers, many of them parents, calling the shooting unfathomable.

- This really strikes home as a father myself.

- I think that some are becoming numb to this.

CHRISTINA FAN: Sources say the girl was playing with chalk, drawing on the sidewalk in front of her home on Montauk Avenue, when a gunman opened fire nearby. One of the bullets grazed her head. The close call convincing many of the family's neighbors it's time to move.

KADIATOU DIALLO: The area is not a safe area. It is very scary. I come here sometimes, you know, late, I'll be scared.

CHRISTINA FAN: Citywide shooting incidents are up 56% this year, compared to the same time in 2020. When asked about the surge in gun violence during a sit-down interview last week, Chief of Department Rodney Harrison said retaliation shootings between gangs are a huge issue.

RODNEY HARRISON: We have to figure out ways to identify some of these problematic gang members, build up cases-- conspiracy cases-- and get them off the street.

CHRISTINA FAN: Neighbors say the violence has left them too afraid to leave their homes, even during daylight hours. While police visibly flooded the streets Tuesday, families say they need the officers here long-term.

KADIATOU DIALLO: You know, safe, everywhere. You know, everybody have a gun.

CHRISTINA FAN: Police don't yet know who was the intended target of the shooting, but they have released this photo, believed to be the suspect's getaway car, offering a $2,500 reward for information. In East New York, Brooklyn, Christina Fan, CBS2 News.