Brooklyn Girl Invited To Speak At White House Prayer For Our Nation

A little girl from Brooklyn is on a big mission to make sure love wins, and her efforts are so impressive, she got an invitation to speak at the White House Prayer for Our Nation; CBS2's Vanessa Murdock reports.

Video Transcript

- A little girl is on a big mission to make sure love wins.

- And her efforts are so impressive, she got an invitation to speak at the White House Prayer for Our Nation. CBS 2's Vanessa Murdock reports.

JEWEL ALEXIS-JOSEY: I wanted people to know that we always have to love each other.

VANESSA MURDOCK: Five-year-old Jewel Alexis-Josey dreams about making the world a better place. In fact, she says when she was four and dreaming, this happened.

JEWEL ALEXIS-JOSEY: God told me to make a change in the world.

SHALLEANN ALEXIS-JOSEY: I ask her over and over to make sure that she knows what she's about. And she said yes.

VANESSA MURDOCK: She made handmade cards for neighbors, but didn't stop at that.

JEWEL ALEXIS-JOSEY: Giving food to the hunger and they get to give to the clothing and baby stuff. So that's what I wanted to do in my dream.

SHALLEANN ALEXIS-JOSEY: "By the way, I need to make a change with the police, too."

VANESSA MURDOCK: Jewel remembers being so excited to visit her local precinct.

JEWEL ALEXIS-JOSEY: I bring them donuts.

VANESSA MURDOCK: Oh! Do you eat the donuts with them?

JEWEL ALEXIS-JOSEY: Yes, I do. They're so yummy.

- This is very deep. Kind, loving.

VANESSA MURDOCK: Neighbor Amos [? Pusey ?] was one of the first to benefit from the little one's kindness. Jewel calls him Grandpa.

- Thank you, thank you.

VANESSA MURDOCK: No relation, though. On Valentine's Day, she brought gifts and goodies to her old preschool.

- I've never seen anything like this.

VANESSA MURDOCK: To help Jewel fulfill her mission, mom Shalleann started a nonprofit, "Accelerated and Arise." This weekend, Jewel will be spreading love in Washington DC, at the 23rd annual White House Prayer for Our Nation.

JEWEL ALEXIS-JOSEY: There, I will be presenting "Love Wins." Don't you miss it.

VANESSA MURDOCK: Is your bag packed and ready to go?


VANESSA MURDOCK: She wants to meet Vice President Kamala Harris.

- Are you ready to meet the president?

VANESSA MURDOCK: Hopes to share her message with them, too.

JEWEL ALEXIS-JOSEY: Only love conquers all.

VANESSA MURDOCK: From Canarsie, Brooklyn, Vanessa Murdock, CBS 2 News.

- So when we asked Jewel who her best friend was, she said, quote, "the whole people in my city."

- Aptly named Jewel.

- She is a jewel, right?

- Indeed a jewel.

- A rare one, that's for sure.

- So precious. Wait 'til they see her in DC.