Brooklyn man who hurled racial slurs at cop is arrested for illegally possessing weapon at Texas gun range

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A Brooklyn man caught on video hurling racial epithets at an Asian NYPD officer earlier this month was arrested Friday for illegally possessing a weapon in Texas.

Shermaine Laster, 45, was charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon for lying about his criminal history when he visited a shooting range in the Lone Star State — and prosecutors said that that was just the tip of the iceberg.

“The defendant has a history of illegally possessing firearms. He has a history of assaulting and threatening people. And he has a history of resisting court orders,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Francisco Navarro at a hearing Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The Texas incident occurred Oct. 24, when Laster travelled to the gun range in an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt and fired a handgun and an AR-15, according to the feds.

“The WAR is coming!!!” he wrote along with photos of him holding the weapons.

Laster was not allowed to be at the gun range due to a previous felony conviction for criminal possession of a weapon from 2000. It’s a federal crime for a felon to possess a firearm.

Brooklyn Federal Judge Lois Bloom ordered Laster held without bail, but he will have another appearance to renew his bail application at a hearing Monday.

Laster recently made headlines after he was caught on video screaming at NYPD officers.

“What’s your name? You’re not even from this country. You piece of s—t. You f–king c-–k!” Laster yelled at Officer Philip Huynh on June 5 at Washington Square Park while cops were trying to clear the area. “Black people cannot be racist,” Laster said.

Laster, a fixture at Black Lives Matter protests across the city over the past year, also has an open state case for stalking and aggravated harassment following an April 21 incident in Staten Island.

In that case, he is accused of calling an unidentified person on April 15 and saying “I’m going to kill you b---h. Your head will be on a platter,” according to a criminal complaint.

“Yeah b---h, I’m outside I have that AR I’m gonna knock your head off your neck,” he said six days later, according to the complaint.

He also sent photos to that victim of him with a gun, according to prosecutors.

Laster has posted photos of himself to Instagram showing off what appears to be an arsenal of weapons — though federal agents did not find any weapons when they executed a search warrant at his home Friday morning.

In one Instagram post from Oct. 1, 2020, Laster took a photo of his TV remotes and a black handgun along with the caption, “Sitting watching TV smoking my cigar! I’m ready for WAR!!!!!”

In another, he posted a photo of what seems to be seven black pistols.

“No games!!! Proud boys, KKK, skin heads, white supremacy I’m not playing alsolutely NO GAMES with your kind!! I just wish MY ppl wake up and unify before it’s too late. (Black toys) good to fight in the dark!!” he wrote.

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