Brooklyn NYPD detective accused of groping woman during arrest

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A veteran detective has been accused of groping a woman during an arrest in Brooklyn, law enforcement officials say.

The NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney’s office confirmed the investigation of allegations against Detective Douglas Carr, a 27-year NYPD veteran. Carr did not respond to a request for comment.

The investigation centers around Carr’s arrest June 14 of Dora Jenkins, 31, outside her home in Bedford-Stuyvesant on stalking and harassment charges.

Jenkins is accused or threatening her hairstylist, Sharntai Harris, after Harris refused to go out with her.

The alleged harassment — which investigators say included phone calls and text messages — took place between April 2 and June 12. A criminal complaint says Jenkins threatened to break Harris’ jaw and have her killed.

Jenkins admitted to harmless flirting with Harris but adamantly denied making any threats. Jenkins’ lawyer, Mark Bederow, says the DA’s office provided no evidence she made any threats in materials it has turned over to him.

Bederow and Jenkins say what Carr did when he arrested Jenkins is far worse than the case police brought against her.

“He started to place the handcuffs on me and that’s when he placed his hands inside my underwear,” Jenkins said, recounting what she has told investigators.

She says the detective touched her vagina.

“Immediately, I jumped up — ‘Whoa, what are you doing? That’s my private area.’ He says, ‘I’m looking for your wallet.’”

Bederow says the charges should be dropped and that Jenkins’ accusations against Carr should be fully investigated.

“These are very serious allegations against the detective that at a minimum should be vigorously investigated by the DA’s office,” Bederow said.

“The idea that he made an arrest without apparently reviewing the most obvious and basic form of evidence, such as phone records, also raises concerns.

“This case should not have been brought against [Jenkins].”

Jenkins has complained to the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau and with the Civilian Complaint Review Board. The review board notified the Brooklyn DA’s office.

Bederow also wondered how the case ended up with Carr, who is assigned to the Crown Heights-based 77th Precinct.

He noted that Jenkins’ alleged stalking occurred in areas covered by other precincts. He also noted that Carr worked with Harris’ father, Officer Raymond Harris, who died in August 2019 from an illness believed related to the 9/11 attacks.

According to an NYPD database, Carr has seven civilian complaints against him. One was substantiated, for wrongfully classifying a complaint in 2011. He was docked 15 vacation days.

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