Brooklyn prosecutors arrest 14 members of ‘Babiiez’ gang involved in 11 shootings

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They’re ‘Babiiez’ with guns!

Brooklyn prosecutors announced the arrests of 14 members of the “Babiiez” subset of the Insane Crip Gangsta street gang Thursday.

The group was based in a building on E. 21st St. in Flatbush they called “The Castle,” where they would congregate before and after shootings, according to prosecutors.

The Babiiez — so dubbed because all are young, between the ages of 15 and 21 — committed 11 shootings, injuring eight people. Two of their victims had no gang involvement, prosecutors said.

In one instance on June 30, 2020, Babiiez members Tristian Williams, 19, Timothy Spence, 17, and Jahmaree Dublin, 19, walked to Bedford Ave. and Eastern Parkway and shot a man who was not a gang rival, according to the indictment.

Video shows the victim as he exited his car and walked off Bedford Ave. onto Eastern Parkway.

A man in a black hoodie who prosecutors say is Dublin approached the victim from behind, shot him in the leg, and ran off, video shows.

The shooting happened feet away from a man, woman and baby in a stroller as well as a woman who was running on Bedford Ave.

In another incident the same day, Williams and Spence left “The Castle” and headed toward 50 E. 18th St. in rival 8 Trey gang territory, according to the Brooklyn DA’s Office.

Williams fired at a group of men believed to be in the 8 Trey gang around 7:05 p.m., prosecutors said. An 8 Trey associate was hit in the leg.

That same day, Williams, Spence and eight other men or boys were hanging outside “The Castle” when someone fired shots at the group and they all ran inside, prosecutors said.

The defendants were variously charged with conspiracy, attempted murder, robbery, criminal possession of a weapon and other counts.

Besides Williams, Spence and Dublin, the arrested include Jaden Occean, 18; Moustapha Diop, 19; JMalik Bacchus, 19; Kymani Salkey, 18; Amath Kebe, 18; Jarell Swan, 18; Darius Omotunde, 19; Abu Gaye, 19; Bobby Thomas, 20; Malik Harry, 21, and Krisaiya Blount, 16.

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