Brooklynite hunts for Manhattan apartment closer to his office

MJ enlists some help from host Will Taylor in looking for a new apartment in New York City that will make his commute a little easier.

Video Transcript

WILL TAYLOR: I'm Will Taylor, and this is "Find My Dream Room," the show where I help people find their dream apartments right here in New York City. Today, I'm helping MJ move from Brooklyn into the heart of Manhattan to find his dream apartment that's closer to work. I've got a feeling he's going to have a laundry list of wants. I think I can find them though. Let's do it.


All right, MJ. I'm so excited to show you studio number one. I first took MJ to a gut renovated walk-up in Hell's Kitchen. It's loaded with amenities-- dishwasher, dual washer-dryer in-unit, and central air. This apartment is just like-- it blew my mind.

MJ: It's giving, for sure.

WILL TAYLOR: Right. It definitely keeps giving. Next, I took MJ to an apartment just down the street to show him some variety. It's a bit cheaper, but it features a brick wall and a fireplace.

MJ: I picture it now. Me sitting on the couch, watching TV, candles in the fireplace.

WILL TAYLOR: And finally, the third location was just down the block in an elevator building. This was a massive studio with laundry in building, and it was flooded with light.


MJ: Hey, guys. It's MJ. I know it's been a minute since we looked at the apartments in Hell's Kitchen together. But change of plans for me, actually. I was able to work with my landlord to get my lease extended a few months, so I don't have to move all of my belongings and lug them to Hell's Kitchen anymore. Hopefully this spring, when I do have to look for an apartment again, I'll be able to incorporate some of Will's tips then or, even better, hopefully I'll be able to bring Will along with me for the journey.


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