Brooksville teen plays music for seniors at retirement facility

Brooksville teen plays music for seniors at retirement facility

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - A Brooksville teen is putting smiles on the faces of seniors through music.

17-year-old Connor Dirksen hasn't had much musical training.

"About six years piano, and I kind of taught myself everything else picked it up along the way," he said.

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But, you wouldn't know it by the way he plays.

"My piano teacher always said that music is the most unique art form, because, sure, you can look at a painting, but you don't feel the painting," shared Dirksen. "Or sure, you can watch the dancing, which you don't feel. Music is just special. There's something about it, man. I just love it so much."

And he's sharing his love with seniors at Grande Senior Living in Brooksville.

"I think Dirksen is awesome," said Mary Stiltner, a resident. "I love him, and he makes my day every time he comes here."

"He's good," said Ronnie Barnett. "He's good, got a long future ahead of him."

"I enjoy it very much, and I hope we continue this," resident Barbara Batten said.

Dirksen agrees.

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"I think this is the perfect place for it because the people love it," explained Dirksen. "And I just love their smiling faces and their reactions to all the songs and stuff. It's really awesome. I love it here."

The concerts do all sorts of good things for the residents.

"They're getting to know the person next to them, and they're socially engaging," said Kelly Dunn, activities director at Grande Senior Living. "And the music therapy, I think, just keeps you young, keeps you alive, you know."

For Dirksen, it gives him the opportunity to do what he loves.

"I just love music so much, it's what I want to pursue in my life," Dirksen said.

He is a straight A student and will be graduating next year from high school.