Brother brings llama as guest to sister's wedding

An Ohio man kept a five year promise to his sister on her wedding day when he showed up with a llama as his plus one. Mendl Weinstock made the claim to his sister Riva back in 2015 when she wasn't dating anyone at the time. She then became engaged in October 2019. Weinstock quickly got to work in locating an Ohio llama farm that would rent him one for the big day. He even tapped a friend to help him craft a tuxedo and a yamarkule for his special date — named Shockey. Needless to say, when the two showed up at the March 1 celebration, Riva was a bit displeased. Weinstock told Buzzfeed, "My sister walked outside and had this humongous gaping looking on her face". The llama was a hit amongst wedding goers, remaining outside the venue for a few hours to greet guests as they entered. The true rise to fame happened on Reddit, where a photo of Weinstock and Shockey racked up over 156,000 upvotes in just two days. Although Riva was initially “a little mad” about the joke, Weinstock said she eventually relented. but she does, apparently, plan to exact her revenge one day, as any respectable sibling would