Brothers, 11 and 10, describe going through Moderna trial

Brothers, 11 and 10, describe going through Moderna's vaccine trial with Baylor College of Medicine.

Video Transcript

- That's right, Chauncey. And Baylor College of Medicine is actually participating in two of those trials when it comes to kids. The Moderna trial for kids and the Pfizer vaccine for kids. And we do know that Pfizer actually just said that it could have some data concerning kids 11 and younger as early as this fall.

11-year-old Alexander Chinh put on his brave face and so did his 10-year-old brother Desmond as they got their first dose the Moderna vaccine. They're participating in a trial at Baylor College of Medicine.

- Firstly, it did hurt a bit, but I can stand the pain.

- They got their first shot about a week and a half ago. After their dose, their arms were a little sore.

- There is a little bit of pain at the injection site.

- But that was it. They've been feeling great since. Their mom even participated in the Moderna trial for adults.

- We are a very, very robust family. I lost my hearing to measles when I was a kid. I wasn't vaccinated. And it's something I've carried my whole life. So my boys have heard that story growing up.

- So her sons were on board to get the vaccine. Baylor College of Medicine says there are several things they're looking at with vaccinating kids starting with dose.

- Finding the exact dose. It's a little different, and we have to do a little bit wider ranges of doses in children to understand exactly what is going to be specific to them.

- They're also examining the vaccine safety and efficacy. Baylor has also teamed up with Texas Children's to participate in the Pfizer vaccine for kids. Pfizer anticipates having results for its phase 2, 3 trials by September for kids five to 11 years old. As for these brothers and the Moderna trial, they're grateful they're protected.

- I've been feeling fine.

- I feel more-- I feel more confident going out into public places now. Like I feel like there's a somewhat lowered risk.

- Alexander, who you just heard from also said that he's so grateful he can now return to school in person. He says he's really missed doing that. And they both said they're excited to be part of history. As far as the Moderna trial goes, Baylor is still continuing enrollment through the fall.