He brought a gun to school. He ended up shooting the maintenance man in the eye, cops say.

A security officer accidentally shot the maintenance man in the face at a South Florida school, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Julian Suarez, 55, was arrested Thursday and charged with firearm possession on a school campus.

A review of the complaint revealed this may have been a failed attempt at show-and-tell. Suarez, who works security at Sagemont School in Weston, had taken out his Beretta APS 9mm handgun to show his coworker while the two were on the clock. As he attempted to remove a round from the chamber, the gun fired and struck his friend in the eyeball, according to the complaint.

Suarez dropped off the maintenance worker at the Cleveland Clinic, then drove home.

The maintenance man’s condition is unknown.

Deputies say Suarez did not have authorization to carry a firearm on Sagemont School grounds but brought it in preparation for his next assignment.

As of Friday night, Suarez was being held at Broward’s Main Jail on a pending $7,500 bond.