Broughton High School is renaming its football stadium. Here’s why it’s happening.

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Broughton High School’s football stadium is being renamed to honor longtime former athletic director Jack Spain.

The Wake County school board approved the new name of Jack Spain Stadium on Tuesday at the request of the Caps Club, Broughton’s athletic boosters organization. Spain worked at the Raleigh magnet school for 27 years, including serving as athletic director from 1993 until his retirement in 2013.

“Coach Spain led our athletic program with integrity, honor and incredible dedication,” Elena Ashburn, Broughton’s principal said Tuesday. “Under Coach Spain’s 20-year leadership as athletic director, Broughton’s athletic program was one of the top 10 athletic programs in North Carolina and our athletic department garnered more than 20 North Carolina High School Athletic Association state championships.”

Ashburn and Broughton’s past four principals all signed a letter endorsing the name change.

In 1986, Spain joined Broughton as a physical education teacher and athletic trainer before becoming athletic director seven years later. His 20-year tenure as athletic director saw both athletic success as well as a commitment to producing athletes with high moral character, Ashburn said.

“Through this leadership approach, Coach Spain positively impacted the lives of countless students, staff and community members,” Ashburn said.

Hall of Fame member

Since his retirement, Spain has garnered numerous awards, including being inducted into the Wake County Public School System Hall of Fame in 2020.

Spain attended Tuesday’s school board meeting and expressed his appreciation for the renaming of the stadium.

“I get way too much credit for the success that we had when I was fortunate enough to be the athletic director,” Spain said. “The support that I had from the community, from our boosters club, from the principals that I served under who were absolutely wonderful, and especially to the athletes and coaches and parents that I worked with.

“I just feel humbled for this honor and very much appreciate it.”

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