Broward Health Medical Center Honors Those Touched By COVID-19

Broward Health Medical Center honored those victims of COVID-19 with a ceremony.

Video Transcript

JIM BERRY: And Broward Health Medical Center is honoring the lives of those touched by the virus. The hospital held a special Memorial this afternoon. It was a moment of reflection as staff participated in a tree planting and paper lantern ceremony. They also listened to poetry and music. The service recognized loved ones lost, those still fighting the virus, and others who have helped us through it all over the past year, especially doctors and nurses at the hospital.

SUNIL KUMAR: We pretty much figured out things on a daily basis. We changed protocols on a daily basis. Changed those protocols on a weekly basis. We did whatever it took to take care of this community.

JIM BERRY: And doctors are not the only ones sharing their stories. The crowd also got to hear from former patients and their loved ones.