Broward School District In Race To Vaccinate

Several high schools in Broward County will be offering the Pfizer vaccine for students ages 16 and up.

Video Transcript

- Turning now to the coronavirus pandemic, the Broward County school district is in the race to vaccinate and giving high school students the chance to get vaccinated at school. CBS 4's Ted Scouten is live in Pompano Beach with the details. Ted.

TED SCOUTEN: Hi, Francis. Well, [INAUDIBLE] High School here in Pompano Beach is one of six Broward high schools as well as centers that will be offering the Pfizer shot to some of their students today. The health department is going to be here in less than an hour to help out. As the number of people getting vaccinated drops and the amount of varying exposure increases, the push is on to bring the vaccine to populations that need it. Now the Pfizer vaccine will be offered at Broward public high schools and centers for students 16 and up.

DR. ROSALIND OSGOOD: But it's our intent to offer opportunities for students to be vaccinated with their parents consent as often and as rapidly as we can.

TED SCOUTEN: A few important details. All high schools and centers in Broward are on the list. The program goes from May 4 through 7 then again May 10 through 13 from 1:00 until 6:00 PM each day. Students 16 and up will be eligible for shots. 16 and 17-year-olds will require a parent or guardian to accompany them. School board chair Dr. Rosalind Osgood encourages everyone to bear arms and get the shot.

DR. ROSALIND OSGOOD: When I'm vaccinated and you are vaccinated, it shows how we love and care and protect each other.

TED SCOUTEN: Now, the health department will return in three weeks at each one of those schools and centers to give that second shot. To find out when each school is going to be giving those shots, go to our website for more information there. Live in Pompano Beach, Ted Scouten, CBS 4 News.