Broward Superintendent Runcie’s departure could be approved next week

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Superintendent Robert Runcie may sever ties with the Broward School District next week, but he could be around another 90 days after that.

School Board Chairwoman Rosalind Osgood told the School Board that she plans to negotiate Runcie’s exit as “expeditiously as possible,” with a special School Board meeting planned for May 6. The School Board may also decide how long Runcie stays on as superintendent. A replacement could be named then or at a later meeting.

Runcie would be ‘terminated without cause.” Under that provision in his contract, he must be given 90 days’ notice. Whether he has to work as superintendent or in another role is unclear.

Runcie and Myrick announced Tuesday they were offering to step down. The moves came after both were arrested last Thursday on felony charges. Runcie was charged with perjury and Myrick with illegally disclosing testimony from a grand jury.

Runcie makes $356,000 and Myrick makes about $220,000. Their contracts would allow Runcie to receive $137,000 and $196,000 in unused sick and vacation time after he leaves, Chief Financial Officer Judith Marte said.

Myrick could get $92,000 in severance and $116,000 in unused sick and vacation time after she leaves.

No time has been set for the meeting.