Browns legend Joe Thomas breaks down final play holding no-call

Cincinnati Bengals fans are upset at what they believe was an uncalled penalty to end the AFC Championship game in a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Fans are calling for a flag as they believe that Trey Hendrickson was held on the play. Cleveland Browns legend and future first-ballot Hall of Famer Joe Thomas says the officials got this one right.

Browns fans understand the feeling of calls not going their way but this seems like a good no-call. Offensive linemen have to be able to play the game without everything being called a hold outside of blatant rules violations. Bengals fans likely won’t agree that it was a good play and honestly I understand how they feel regardless of disagreeing that it was a penalty, which it wasn’t.


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Browns Larry Ogunjobi Jordan Poyer
Browns Larry Ogunjobi Jordan Poyer

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire